Collecting knowledge from real fires

Use of satellite data for land assessment

Wildfire risk assessment


We cooperate with foreign organizations, universities and associations in the field of science and research, in the implementation of experiments, the development of methodologies and guidelines, mapping and risk management of the ground and the buildings themselves.

Fields of application

  • Protecting buildings from the effects of forest fires
    Protection of the territory
  • Determination of preventive measures and cost-effective analysis
  • Protection of the population
  • Analysis of fire occurrence and impacts


The data collected can be used to protect people, animals and property. We use satellite data, GIS and building knowledge and data, and much more. We use data from NASA, ESA, OpenStreetMaps, etc.

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  • Direct effects of forest fires
  • Indirect spread of forest fires
  • Territory mapping
    Assessment of fire-fighting capability and availability in the field
  • Preventive measures
  • Deployment of forces and resources

We apply the knowledge gained from science and research in the development of methodologies/guidelines in collaboration with foreign organisations, universities and stakeholders.

We participated in the development of Integration of Fire Hazard and Risk Assessments into Disaster Risk Analysis System (DRAS) through Transfer of Knowledge and Czech Experience in Bosnia and Herzegovina in cooperation with CzechAid, United Nations Development Programme and BiH stakeholders.

Case studies of large outdoor fires involving evacuations Part 2

In this report, cases of large outdoor fires from around the world have been collected and demonstrated to create a comprehensive database of fire cases.

Wang, Yu, Wadhwani, Rahul, Suzuki, Sayaka, Theodori, Maria, Asimakopoulou, Eleni, De Beer, Jacques Andre, Flores, Natalia, Ibrahim, M. Asim, Johanna, Hahlin, Kempna, Kamila, Manzello, Samuel L., Sharma, Ankit, Smolka, Jan, Wickramasinghe, Amila, Wu, Chia Lung (Farian), & Xia, Ting. (2022). Case studies of large outdoor fires involving evacuations Part 2. Zenodo.



Mati, Greece(2018)

Sběr poznatků s hasiči v Athénách a Mati v Řecku po nejtragičtějším požáru v novodobé historii Evropy.

Bosnia and Herzegovina(2018)

Spolupráce s United Nations Development Programme v oblasti mapování rizik a implementace v souvislosti s lesními požáry v Bosně a Hercegovině.

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