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We are an association that cooperates with experts in the Czech Republic and abroad, with universities, research institutions and other organizations to address specific security issues.

We are members of the Confederation of Fire Protection Association in Europe, where we are actively involved in committees for training, development of guidelines or marketing.

We provide consultancy, services in the implementation of mainly non-standardized experiments, education and training in the field of fire protection, or consultancy for improving the safety culture of companies. We propose effective solutions in these areas from the point of view of independent experts who are not biased by the operational blindness of a given location or issue.

We cooperate with various research institutions and universities in the Czech Republic and abroad in the field of safety and disaster risk reduction, fire protection, etc. We also carry out contract research and consultancy in solving non-standard issues in the field of safety, including experiments, data analysis, etc.

Become Skilled Fire Expert​

Join a community of fire safety experts where you will find resources for fire safety education, a discussion forum for sharing experiences and knowledge, and much more.

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Natural disaster risk assessment

Risk analysis and management, collection of knowledge and case studies in the field of disaster risk reduction, especially forest fires. We use satellite data, GIS and data to assist emergency services, stakeholders and all those who need to identify actions to reduce risks related to natural disasters.
Výcvik a vzdělávání hasičů

Training and education

We provide training courses in the field of fire protection. We also provide CFPA-E certified courses such as Small Fire Fighting for Fire Patrols, or Evacuation. We also share knowledge of science and research through workshops and conference participation.


We cooperate with various research institutes and universities in the Czech Republic and abroad in the field of security and disaster risk reduction, fire safety, etc. We also carry out contract research and consultancy in solving non-standard solutions to safety issues, including experiments, data analysis, etc.

Fire safety assessment system for industrial enterprises

We have developed a unique system for assessing the fire safety of plants with increased or high fire hazards.

Corporate safety culture

Our representatives have many years of experience in managing companies with heavy and hazardous operations or implementing safety measures to improve the safety culture in various types of operations. We are able to provide advice, tools and other solutions in order to increase the level of safety in your company as well.

Risk analyses related to natural disasters

We provide support in dealing with preventive measures, establishing protection against direct and indirect spread of natural disasters (forest fires, floods, etc.).

We work in various areas of risk reduction. Contact us, we will find the suitable solution for you.


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We participate in the creation of research papers books guidelines case studies

We are member of Cofederation of Fire Protection Associations in Europe (CFPA-E).

We participate in the development of international methodologies (Guidelines), training courses and international cooperation in the field of security research.


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